Video Premiere and Interview on Audio Femme

Musicians lead many lives throughout their career, music calling them to take on different personas along the way. As a former member of Balthrop, Alabama, the Bandana Splits, and the solo project Dear Georgiana, Lauren Balthrop explored collaboration, genre, and characters. It’s only now, performing under her given name, that her unique voice shines in the spotlight.

“Don’t Ever Forget” is the dreamy first single from Balthrop’s debut album This Time Around. The song’s official video is a collage of found footage Balthrop compiled herself. “The song is about living in nostalgia and rose colored memories. I loved this old footage of lovers and dancing to serve as imagery for beautiful faded memories of perfect days and passed love,” she explains.

“Look to the sinking sun / as we go ’round this carousel again / we’re laughing and we’re having fun / I know that I’ll never be the same,” Balthrop croons, her delicate voice fluttering against reverberating ahhhs. The song perfectly captures the bittersweet sensation of a person, a moment, a time in your life disappearing; it brings to mind a last kiss with a high school sweetheart, your hometown fading away as you drive to a new city.

We spoke with Lauren about why she went solo, what Nashville’s music scene is like, and what advice she has for a young musician right out of the gate.

Listen to “Don’t Ever Forget” below:

Lauren Balthrop